Everything made fresh every single day!

Our Story

East Street Sandwiches was originally established in 1978 as a small Italian Bakery. Started by two Italian Immigrants, the dream was to bring delicious authentic Italian food for affordable prices to Canada. When the owners retired and sold their bakery their son Vince decided to carry on the family tradition by bringing back their famous Italian street food. With recipes handed down straight from Italy, East Street Sandwhiches brings Nonna's traditional recipes to the next generation.

East Street Sandwiches is a family run Italian eatery whose purpose is to provide you with delicious food made with fresh ingredients. Our buns are baked fresh at Nino D'Aversa every day, our meat comes from the local butcher and our sauce is made fresh every morning. Oh Che Bello, The East Street Way.

A Day in the Life at East Street Sandwiches

Arrive at 7:30 am, start the sauce, San Marzano tomatoes IGP certified. Cut the tenderized veal and chicken, and prepare the fresh vegetables. Receive fresh Nino D’Aversa buns every single day, it's the only way. 9:30 am, sip my freshly ground cup of espresso. 10 am open my doors and welcome you in.